Square and star quilt pattern

Square and star quilt pattern

This square and star quilt pattern started out as a jelly roll quilt, but in fact I haven’t used enough strips for it to qualify as one, so I am calling it square and stars – and there are even a few heart shapes which appeared when I added the border.  The quilt measures 64″ square and I have used nine 16″ quilt blocks to make it.  I have used 2.3/4 yards of white fabric, 1.1/4 yards of black and 3/4 yard of pink.

I am really pleased with the way that the squares and stars have formed next to each other in the quilt.  I love quilts that show more designs the longer you look at them.


Cutting requirements for the square and star quilt

4.7/8″ squares:  sixty each of black and white

2.1/2″ squares:  one hundred and fifty two each of white and pink

2.1/2″ strips for the borders:  twelve white strips


Making the square and star quilt block

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Use the 4.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles.  Place a black and a white square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line to produce two half square triangles.  Press the seam allowances towards the black fabric and trim the corners where the triangle tips stick out.



Sew together strips of fabric

Sew together strips of fabric

Sew two strips to make a four patch unit

Sew two strips to make a four patch unit

Sew together 2.1/2″ strips of white and pink fabric and cut at 2.1/2″ intervals.  Sew these two square strips of fabric together in pairs to make four patch units with the white squares diagonally opposite each other.




Square and star quilt block layout

Square and star quilt block layout

For each quilt block you will need eight half square triangles and eight four patch units.  Lay these out in four rows of four.  There is a four patch unit in each corner and two half square triangles between each pair of corners.  In the middle there are four four patch units.  Make sure that the half square triangles are placed so that they form white stripes running diagonally.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together.  Make nine of these square and star quilt blocks.



Sewing the square and star quilt blocks together

Sew the quilt blocks together in three rows of three.  Using the white diagonal stripes in each block as a guide, rotate the blocks so that the diagonals form a zigzag – the white stripes go from bottom left to top right in the first block and then from top left to bottom right in the block next to it, then from bottom left to top right again in the next block.

In the second row, the first block will have the diagonals going from top left to bottom right so that the zigzag is reversed from the first row above it.  That way you will get the squares and stars forming across the quilt as a whole.  Sew the rows of quilt blocks together.

The first square and star quilt border

First border for the square and star quilt

First border for the square and star quilt

For the first quilt border I used 2.1/2″ strips of white fabric.  Make two lengths of 48.1/2″ and sew to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Make two lengths of 52.1/2″ for the sides.




The second square and star quilt border

Half square triangles for the second quilt border

Half square triangles for the second quilt border

Sew a white strip to each end

Sew a white strip to each end

For the second border I used half square triangles the same as the ones used in the quilt itself.  Sew these together to make large black triangles.  Sew together twelve half square triangles for each edge of the quilt – so you’ll need forty eight half square triangles to make four border strips.  Sew a 2.1/2″ by 4.1/2″ white strip to each end of all the border strips.  Sew one of these strips to the top and the bottom of the quilt.


Four patch units for cornerstones

Four patch units for cornerstones

Heart shape forms in the border

Heart shape forms in the border

For the cornerstones I have used the same four patch units that were used in the main quilt.  Sew one to each end of the remaining two border strips and sew these to the sides of the quilt.   You can now see the heart shape that forms once on each edge of the quilt – that was a bonus when I saw that.



Third border for the square and star quilt

Third border for the square and star quilt

Third border for the square and star quilt

For the third and final quilt border I used 2.1/2″ strips of white fabric again, the same as for the first border.  Make two lengths of 60.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 64.1/2″ for the sides of the quilt.  The quilt top is now complete and ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.




Here’s the video:

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  2. Dear Mrs. Ludlow,
    Thank you so very much for your willingness to share your quilting knowledge, your wonderful instructions and patterns.
    I am a beginner and am able to follow your instructions quite easily. Anyway, I appreciate you and all you do. You are an asset to all those around you. Sincerely, Rose M. RODZOS

  3. Ann O'Farrell says:

    Love your site. Everything is explained so clearly. Easy to follow. Thanks.

  4. Donna from Kansas U.S.A. says:

    Just for your information I really enjoy your quilting patterns and tutorials online. Thank you.

  5. Love it thank you Rose

  6. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for your hard work bringing these quilts to us.

  7. I like you but I don’t like facebook.
    So. Big LIKE to you

  8. joansharples says:

    I love all your designs !!all inspirational!!Thank you

  9. Patsy Long says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into the projects that you share with us. I love them. As a new quilter, I can follow them with no problem. I in turn share them with my quilt class. Thank younagain,

  10. I love and will make it someday I promise. Thank you also for all that you do – you are just so kind.

  11. Rose Rodzos says:

    Hi rose,
    I hope you received my note from this morning. But, I did not see it on the notes page. I want to thank you so much for the wonderful job you do on your site. I am a beginner and so appreciate your easy-to-do instructions. It is always a pleasure to follow you because I know that I will understand. And, you are kind to share your patterns. Again, thanks for all help.
    Rose Rodzos

    • Hi Rose. If your comments don’t appear immediately it’s just because I’m away from my computer so I can’t moderate them. Thanks for your kind comments. Very much appreciated.

  12. Gillian says:

    This is a neat pattern. I have had a batik jelly roll for sometime and this is a front runner to use it with! Thanks for your different patterns from the norm and sharing all you do. Gillian

  13. Love your Square and Star quilt. In fact, I drew it in Electric Quilt software so I could save it there. Of course, I’m saving your directions too! Thanks for your wonderful quilt projects.

  14. Hai Rose,Its easy and nice design. Thanks for the instructions

  15. Rose, I really appreciate your efforts to make me feel like a quilter. You make it all so easy to understand. Have been quilting since last Jan.and have had
    some very frustrating results and some very happy results. Your calm manner relaxes me and puts me right back into the mode. Thank you again. Janis

    • Thanks, Janis. I’m glad you feel my videos have helped. Even when quilts don’t turn out as you’d hoped, it doesn’t stop you wanting to get stuck in on the next one, does it!

  16. francesca says:

    Estoy encantadisima de sus preciosas labores muchas gracias.

    • Google translation: I am enchanted by your lovely work thank you very much.

      Thanks, Francesca. Kind of you to say so.

  17. joyce surgill says:

    love your 5 min blocks . and 10 minute blocks where can i find these books thanks

    • Sorry, I haven’t put my quilt block patterns into categories yet. You just have to browse through them to find the ones that you want.

  18. As always Rose a beautifully done quilt.
    Easy to follow instructions….thankyou for sharing these gorgeous quilts with us all.

    Debz xx

  19. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    Dear Rose,
    I am always amazed at your beautiful quilts and your generosity sharing your patterns and quilting skills. I just love checking my emails and finding something new from you.
    Kind regards
    P.S. Have you ever made a double wedding ring quilt? It is an Amish design.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. I’m so glad you like the patterns. I haven’t made a double wedding ring quilt, but I’ve been asked for a tutorial many times so it is on my list.

  20. Margaret Lowe says:

    Once again Rose thank you for your wonderful designs and tuition. I have had a very traumatic 3 months and one thing that has helped me through is my sewing and as I am a fairly new patch worker your work has given me something to look forward to, and now I may be able to put some of your designs into practice. Once again thank you. Margaret Lowe

    • Thanks for commenting, Margaret. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time. Hope things are looking up for you now.

  21. Dear Rose,
    Love all the quilts you make going to try some of them as soon as I get settled from moving. Love your work you are talented.

  22. Ella Wilson says:

    Thank you again Rose or another beautiful quilt your talent is without fault,every one you do I try todo them because your so easy to follow and you make me feel I can do them And sometimes I can but there are sometimes I am just stupid.lol
    Ella Wilson

    • Hi Ella. No, of course you’re not stupid – the instructions just aren’t clear enough. Just like quilters never make mistakes – they just change the design a little! rose

  23. Thanks again Rose, I have been following you for quite some time now, and always brighten up real quickly when I get a message that you posted a new design…. I have become so inspired by your short tutorials and look forward to many more from you…. Thank you for all you do for us quilters, it is most appreciated, you are a true quilting inspiration for all……

  24. Very beautiful, Rose I really like it. Thank you.

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