Shoofly quilt block

Shoofly quilt block

The shoofly block, as with so many quilt blocks, has a history.  It is said that this symbol was used to denote a sympathiser when slaves were escaping to the north.  If the shoofly was displayed, then that was a safe house.  The more I find out about quilting history, the more I want to know.  It really is a fascinating subject.

Anyway the real point of my choosing this quilt block for the beginner quilt was because it is a simple pattern but introduces half square triangles.  It is classified as a nine patch block.

For each block you will need four 4.1/2″ blue squares, one 4.1/2″ cream squares and four squares made up of a triangle each of blue and cream.  These are made from 4.7/8″ squares.  They have to be larger than the other squares to allow for the fabric used up in the seam down the diagonal.

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  1. Jill Brown says:

    I really never thought about seaming the triangles and the centre seam allowance – so I found this very interesting thank you

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