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Ludlow Quilt and Sew

Ludlow Quilt and Sew

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many quilts she didn’t know what to do …..

Over ten years ago I began to write quilt patterns and tutorials.  I wanted to help beginner quilters by providing patterns for quilting projects that could be broken down into small steps.  At the time there were not many websites doing this, although the situation is very different now.

I have been making a new quilt top at first every week and then every fortnight. I rarely have time to finish these quilts and now my cupboards and rooms are filled to overflowing with fabric and unfinished projects.  I have decided that the time has come to begin completing these projects rather than making still more new ones.  So I have decided (reluctantly) to close down the website.  I don’t want to lose all those patterns and articles so over time they will become available as books or in printed form through my Etsy shop.


My current books on Amazon:

My Etsy shop:

There’s not much there at the moment but I hope to add to this as I complete some quilts!  Since writing this I have found that I can sell digital patterns on Etsy, so I am busy adding these.  Let me know if there are any particular patterns that you want me to add to the shop.

My Ludlow Quilt and Sew facebook page will have to close but I am in the process of creating a page called Rose Smith Quilts where I will be able to share my quilts as I finish them.

Many quilters have been with me for many years and I want to thank all of you for your interest and support over the years.  I have been sending an email to nearly 9,000 subscribers on Fridays and I have 20,800 subscribers on Youtube.  I will miss you all!

One last video:

PS.  I have been totally overwhelmed and humbled by the mountain of responses that I have received – via comments here, email and social media.  Thank you all so much.  Please forgive me if I am a little slow in replying, but I will reply to every one of them.

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  1. Thanks Rose for teaching me the art of quilting. I learned late in life and started watching your for tutorials just a couple of years ago when I couldn’t remember how to do something. They were clear and easy to follow, so thank you for that. I also enjoyed the photos of your travels. Good luck with your future adventures! Estelle

  2. I just want to say thank you for all your emails over the years. I have often wondered how you managed to keep on top of so many quilts. Best wishes for the future, thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

  3. Wish you all the best for the future. Thanks for all the ideas and help given over the years.

  4. Shelagh Brownlow says:

    I have followed you for a few years and as a quilter for more than 25years how I wish you had been there to follow when I started, you simplify blocks and make it possible for a great result .Thanks for your wonderful website good luck and good health. ShelaghX

    • Thanks for your kind words, Shelagh. My hope was that I could make things simple to help beginner quilters, so I’m delighted if I succeeded in that.

  5. Sandra Hensley says:


    I’m saddened to hear of your decision; but I understand. You have a unique talent of inspiring others without realizing how much or how often. Thank you so much for your inspiration over these many years. I will miss my muse…

    Wishing you the best in your new adventure.


  6. Oh Rose,
    We all knew this day was coming but it came too fast. Thank you for all your inspirations over the years. I feel as though I am losing a best friend. I always loved your adventures. Still take them even though we will not be with you. I too Have UFO’s to finish .In fact I just finished one this past week. Thank you for all the quilt patterns that I did not do yet but one day will. Thank you for your generous nature. You truly are a great friend across the pond. It brings tears to my eyes, as I am losing you, but I know that UFO’s can pile up very fast. Especially for you. Thank you for the time and energy you gave to each project over the years. You will be in my thoughts and prayers so that you have good health and can enjoy quilting for pleasure , and enjoy your grandchildren as they tend to grow up very fast. Have a great next adventure. And Happy Quilting.
    Your friend from across the pond,

    • Hi Sandra. I have really appreciated all the comments you’ve left over the years. You always had something thoughtful to say about every pattern or travel article and it was always lovely to hear from you. Best wishes with your UFO pile – we can think of each of us working on the same things!

  7. Karen White says:

    Hi Rose
    I am very sad to hear you are stopping but completely understand. You inspired me to quilt when I first started sewing and after watching your helpful easy to understand tutorials I became a true lover of patchwork and quilt making. Good luck in completing your quilts and best wishes for the future.
    Karen x

  8. Christine Southgate says:

    Hi Rose

    This is sad news indeed. You’ve inspired so many people to start patchwork, quilting & sewing – a legacy you should be very proud of. And you are now reaching a new audience via your TV appearances. Thank you you for all the generous time & effort you have given us over the years. I would say enjoy a well deserved rest but between quilting & family commitments I’m sure you will still be a busy lady. All best wishes for the future.

  9. Jean Dunne says:

    Rose, you will be missed. I didn’t reply or comment on your quilts, but nevertheless, I enjoyed your weekly offerings and it has given me inspiration over the years. I always loved looking at your photos and reading about your travels and how you got ideas from some of the places and items you saw.
    Take care, and happy quilting, regards, Jean.

  10. She spicer says:

    Dear Ross
    Thank you so much for your generosity over all these years. I’ve made several quilts with you and you’re always an inspiration. I shall miss you but understand totally that you need time for other things. Some years ago I gave up something similar to devote more time to quilting and never regretted it!
    My very best wishes for your future projects. With best regards…..sue

    • Thanks so much, Sue. I’m hoping to take up felting as well as finishing my quilts. It was quite a big decision to take.

  11. Thank you for such beautiful patterns and being such an inspiration in my life..It’s going to be very sad for me because i used to wait for an email on Friday’s from you .All the best to you Rose do enjoy finishing your quilts it was such a pleasure learning from you .
    Lots of love

  12. Margaret Elsden says:

    Rose, I’m sad to hear we will not be receiving all the brilliant inspiration from you from now on, but I wish you every success in all you plan to do and look forward to reading your future posts and books. I also want to thank you for the help you gave me eight years ago, when my first great-grandchild was born and I wanted to make a quilt for her – again, five years ago when I needed advice about a tumbling blocks quilt for her baby brother. Your help and advice have been invaluable – so thanks a million xx P.S. both those quilts are still on their beds to this day. 😁

    • Hi Margaret. I’m so pleased that my advice was helpful. How lovely to have your quilts still on the great grandchildren’s beds. Isn’t quilting satisfying!

  13. Thank you Rose for all your wonderful easy well illustrated patterns. I knew this day would have to come , I have quite a few UFO’s so can imagine your dilemma, I will miss you and your travels. Best wishes. <3

  14. Rose…I am going to miss every other Friday (and every Friday not that long ago,) to see your email and the beautiful quilts you’ve created. They were all so thought out and explained so well. I truly enjoyed seeing the pictures from your travels also! I often wondered how you managed to do it all! Enjoy all the extra time you will have To finish your quilts or for more travels! Good luck, i will really miss you!

    • Thanks, Carol. I will miss the website and everyone who interacted with it, but I do need to move my mountain of UFO’s.

  15. Bonnie Heyblom says:

    This must have been a difficult decision for you. I always looked forward to your site and always wondered, “what will Rose surprise us with this week”. You will be missed. Your travel stories were so interesting. May God bless.

  16. Dear Rose,
    I have learnt so much from your emails, Saturdays in Australia will not be the same again! But not only have your instructions been so helpful, I,ve loved seeing all the places you have visited over the years.
    Good luck with all your quilt finishing, maybe I’ll get to finish mine too now.
    Take care and keep enjoying your sewing. Love, Judi.

  17. I am so sorry to see you go! You have seemed like a personal friend for so many years, and I will miss your smiling face, videos and patterns. I wish you well, and am sincerely grateful to have shared time with you! Hugs!

  18. Jeri Niksich says:

    Like so many above Rose I will miss your smiling face and wonderfully easy patterns. I’m a hands on type learner and you make it seem as though I’m right there with you. Good luck in your future with your many many quilt tops. God Bless you and yours.

  19. Dear Rose,
    Thank you sincerely for your emails. I have enjoyed reading them. I wish you every happiness and good health for the future. Keep on travelling, enjoy your grandchildren, finish those UFO’s, we all have them!
    Best wishes always,

  20. Thank you Rose for your help over the years. I have made several of your quilts and have kept many other patterns. Good luck for the future. Nola from Australia

  21. Rose I will miss your weekly quilt updates. I have enjoyed them all. Best of luck.

  22. Having watched your video I have left a comment there but I would like to add good luck and most of all enjoy your “UFO’s” and future travels. Thank you for everything you Have done to help quilters to add variety to their projects. X

    • thanks so much, Sue. I have appreciated all the comments from you and others. Haven’t managed to start on the youtube comments yet!

  23. Thanks so much Rose, for all your patterns, for all your hard work over the years. I enjoyed the pictures of your adventures, too. Best wishes in the future, I will miss you.

  24. Wishing you all the best in the next phase of your sewing life. Life changing decisions are always difficult but when you can make them on your own terms things seem to just work out. I always enjoyed seeing your quilts and hearing of your travels. The satisfaction of finishing up some of the tops will surely be rewarding. Happy quilting!!

    • Thanks, Ruth. Yes, it was a difficult decision to make, but I’m also hoping to take up some new crafting ideas: needle felting really interests me at the moment.

  25. Sharon Aney says:

    Rose, I am in the USA. Have loved your info and help. Glad you can take time for yourself and share what you are up to and see your progress on your things. Will we still be able to check on you to see how you are through email?? Thanks again. Have a blessed future!!

  26. Thank you Rose for the inspiring ideas you have been sending each week. I have made just one quilt to date, and that was by following one of your patterns! With every good wish.

  27. Hi Rose thank you for all the beautiful patterns over the years, your instructions are always so clear and well explained. Your blocks are usually fairly straightforward but your colour placement variations tranforms them to a new level with secondary patterns. I now take pictures of tiles, windows and anything else that might inspire a quilt. Best wishes for the future. Moira

    • Thanks, Moira. That’s such a wonderful way to find inspiration. Now you, too, can walk around with your head down looking at the floor tile patterns!

  28. Rose,
    Thank you for the patterns and help over the years.
    I’m sorry to know there will no longer be your friendly email
    to look forward to on Fridays.
    Hope you get all the quilts finished.
    Rose people of your calibre and generousity
    are rare and it’s been a pleasure to have you share so much with us all.
    Hope your bobbins are always full. Happy quilting.
    Slainte (this is the Irish for good health)

  29. Welsh Mary Woolley says:

    Hi Rose
    Good luck on your next episode, it was lovely seeing you on the sewing channel , you have been very kind sharing your knowledge with us all
    Welsh mary in Yorkshire 😢😘🌈💕

  30. Elizabeth Sackey says:

    Thank you Rose, for the numerous designs I have downloaded “to do one day”. Your instructions are so clear and concise and easy to follow; wonderful for the beginner quilter. As an Australian, I have also really enjoyed your travel pics. Good luck with those UFOs and the next chapter in your life.

  31. Jan Smith says:

    Rose I will miss your emails I started following you before and after Penny finished with her site which was the start of my quilting journey good luck with your future plans thank you for helping me on my journey

    Best wishes


    • Hi Jan. Penny helped me start up my quilting website and I will always remember her with gratitude. When she was very ill her daughter asked for phone messages to read out to her and I could hardly speak because I was crying so much.

  32. Eleri Williams says:

    Thank you Rose for your inspiration, you will be missed, enjoy finishing your UFO’s, you deserve some “me”time.

  33. Dee Osborne says:

    Good luck with your new venture, finishing your lovely quilts and thanks for all the patterns and travel photos. Sadly I wasn’t able to get sewing quarter but I bet it was good!

  34. sorry to see you go but have a wonderful life!!!

  35. Carolyn Bowler says:

    So sorry you are closing your website butI quite understand. You have inspired me over the years to attempt projects that I could never have imagined, and given me confidence to always give it a go. Good luck, I will miss your emails.

  36. Larissa Wangarodskaya says:

    Очень жаль вас терять! Но спасибо, Роуз, за все ваши уроки! Дальнейших успехов вам во всем!

  37. Oh Rose you will be greatly missed. I have been following your blog and sharing your tips with younger quilters….Perhaps I will suggest you share your progress on Instagram…that way all your blog followers will be able to urge you on in your ufo endenvers…..agaign thank you for all you have done….

  38. Fay Morris says:

    Thank you Rose for all the efforts you have made for us, and what was the best part for many of us, was that it was given from your heart!!!
    I wish you all the very best and hope you will finish all your quilts to your satisfaction and that buyers will will be plentiful. May you be blessed for your wonderful contribution to beginners and more experienced quilters. I also enjoyed seeing the pictures of the lovely places you have visited. I hope you will also consider coming to visit us in Israel where we quite a large number of quilters guilds . I wish you good health an lots of energy. With gratitude, Fay.
    BTW I too have boxes full of UFO’s (unfinished quilts) and know that you are inspiring me to finish them too!

    • Thanks, Fay. Maybe I should consider giving talks when I have plenty of finished quilts to show – Israel would be a lovely place to start!

  39. Oh Rose I am very sad that my mailbox won’t contain an email from you. I look forward to seeing what you created for us all!
    I too have many unfinished tops, more from your patterns than anywhere else! So now it is time I too get finishing, but I don’t want to lose you all together. Won’t you please continue to let us follow you through your journey so I can complete my quilts as well.
    I have no idea where to start and how to quilt them.
    Please consider a different kind of email/website to help those beginner quilters on how to choose a pattern, and finish their tops!
    Good luck 👍🏻

  40. Olive Procyshyn says:

    Rose I have always enjoyed all that you have sent and shown over many years.
    I wish you all the very best in your new quest, and hope you have fun finishing your UFO’s. A mammoth task no doubt!
    Good health and happiness are my wishes for you
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and expertise .
    God bless.
    Olive Procyshyn

  41. Jacqueline Powell says:

    I ,too, have abundance of quilt tops. I jump from this and that. Oh boy if I see or are given excess of fabric pieces. I immediately want to use it.
    My goal is to use all my scraps. So far so good. My life is scrappy quilt tops now . finishIng them before I am too old to sew. Yikes! Better get going!!

    • Hi Jacqueline. I know that feeling so well – so much fabric and so many quilts still to make … Good luck with using up your stash.

  42. Terri from Delaware says:

    I will miss your emails. I have enjoyed seeing what you have made and I especially enjoyed seeing where your travels have taken you.
    Best wishes,
    Terri D’Ambrosio

  43. I, too, am sorry you are leaving, but I understand. I have been totally amazed and inspired by your generosity over the past ten years with your ideas, suggestions, and patterns , many of which I have used. I wish you well, and thank you from the bottom of my heart and quilt cupboard. Every time I look in there I see something of you to be thankful for. Best wishes and thank you.

  44. Oh Rose, will miss our Fridays but complete understand why this has to happen.
    You have been such a help to me, will fabric, patterns and completed goods.
    Good luck

  45. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL PATTERNS OVER THE YEARS!! I look forward to seeing you on Etsy or print or wherever quilting takes you. BE WELL AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  46. I’ll add my thanks to all those above, I’ve looked at tiles in churches and old houses in quite a different way thanks to you! I’ll also miss reading about all your ‘doings’ with your family and travels, but look forward to seeing you many more times on Sewing Quarter. Take care and have fun! PS A bit early, but Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Thanks, Carole. Tiles are a marvellous source of inspiration, aren’t they. My next Sewing Quarter dates are this Monday, 14th October and then nothing till 30th November.

  47. Hi Rose, sorry to read this news but I understand, thank you for all the patterns, videos and inspiration you have given us over the years for which I am grateful. Make some travelling time which you enjoy. Good luck in all you do in the future. Gwen, Anglesey

    • Thanks, Gwen. I shall still be very busy and I am looking forward to the satisfaction of actually completing my projects.

  48. Hi Rose, sorry to see you go but I understand. Thank you for your time, patterns and inspiration over the years, I’ve enjoyed every minute and am grateful. Make some travelling time which you enjoy, good luck in all you do in the future. Gwen, Anglesey

  49. Gaye Tolliver says:

    Dear Rose

    Wishing you all the best. I first found you on YouTube with the red/white/black Navajo style quilt and was impressed by what an impact was made with such a simple block arrangement. Like your ufo quilts – I also have all kinds of graph paper pattern ‘saves’ which I sort through (infrequently). Will miss you on Sewing Quarter (sure this must have taken up some time for both travel and projects) but was unable to find you on Facebook and CANNOT find an Etsy shop under ‘Ludlow patches’.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and enthusiasm – will truly miss you.💐

  50. Dear Rose,
    I used your website to get me started on how to make a quilt about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. Thank you so much for your easy to follow videos and easy to understand hints, tips and how to’s. It’s a hobby that is frustrating and satisfying all at the same time and I love it. Good luck with finishing every single UFO you have around your house. Best wishes. I shall miss you.

  51. Arleen Salmon says:

    My sincere thanks to you, Rose, for all the time, energy and dedication to showing and teaching us how to do quilts. I have so many downloaded and on my “hope to do later” list. You will be very missed and are appreciated by us all. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  52. Johnette Woods says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you are closing down your quilting site, but I understand! I’ve enjoyed every video you’ve made, so thank you! Good luck in the future and I hope to see all those quilts as you finish them!

  53. MaryM in upstate NY says:

    Thank you for sharing your many patterns with the world! I really liked reading your emails describing your travels. I will miss you!

  54. Sue Wolfe Craighead says:

    Thank you Rose for your inspiration and for sharing your talent. It has been exciting to follow you and experience the art that you create with fabric. Good luck in your future projects and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts, as you complete them and share with us.

  55. So sorry to hear your news. I have enjoyed looking at and purchasing your patterns over the years.
    Two years ago whilst undergoing chemotherapy I was helped by lots of people and wondered what to do to thank them . I used your bottle bag pattern , recycled material and popped a bottle on it for my stars. So again thanks

    • Thanks for sharing that, Gill. I’m glad the chemo was obviously successful and wish you all the well for the future.

  56. I will miss you too. I am a beginning quilter who found your site and I liked how easy it was to follow your instructions and the quilts weren’t so big that it was easier to try and finish them. I wish you well in this next phase of your life.

  57. Martha Dyke says:

    Oh Rose, I’m so sorry to read this. I look so forward to Fridays email from you and wait anxiously to see what you are presenting to us and how easy you break this down for me to do each one. Yes, I’m being selfish and don’t want this to come to an end but at the same time I understand why. I’ll miss our Friday meetings and wish you all the best in finishing all of your ufos. Maybe you could still send out a progress report and show and tell what you have gotten done? I know that might not be possible and like I said I’m selfish and don’t want to lose a friend. Best wishes and sharpe needles. 💖

    • Thanks, Martha. I’m glad you’ve found the patterns helpful. I won’t be able to send out progress reports on this system because it will be shutting down altogether, but I hope to keep sharing on Facebook (Rose Smith Quilts) and other social media.

  58. It has been a pleasure to see your creations and ideas. Thanks and good luck in your future endeavors.

  59. Carol Kelland says:

    No, thank you for your inspiration over the years. Enjoy your non-pressure time .
    Carol K

  60. Hi Rose,it has been great getting your so sorry that you will be leaving us,but you have to Finnishyour quilts.May God be with you,and enjoy Finnishing your quilts.

  61. All the very best Rose and thank you for all your videos and quilt inspirations. I hope you manage to get them all finished.

    Hopefully see you more on Sewing Quarter and good luck with the books.

    Keep sewing!

    • Thanks, Viv. I forgot to mention that – my next Sewing Quarter is this Monday, 14th October. I’m demonstrating a gorgeous Makower Indigo quilt and a small banner – lots of embroidery that I’m not very good at.

    • Good luck Rose in finishing all you U.F.O’s and many thanks for all you’re time and tutorials over the years. I’ve done a few and saved many more for ” when I have time”, you always made things very clear to follow. Have fun sewing. Xx

  62. Velma Land says:

    Thank you Rose. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  63. Thank you for generously sharing your patterns with us for all this time Rose. It certainly has been a labour of love. Enjoy your retirement from the website and have fun finishing all those quilts!
    Jan x

  64. Janet Gilmore says:

    Rose we will miss you.
    Enjoy making your quilts l will watch on your website to see how you going.

  65. Barbara Prusinski says:

    Thank you for all you have done in the past to preserve the art of quilting and making and sharing patterns that are easily understood and created. I have enjoyed your emails with directions, hints and designs. Enjoy your time away from the web and please share pictures of your finished quilts.

  66. Jeanne Zukowski says:

    Thank you so much for all the patterns you have shared. This was so nice of you.
    Enjoy finishing all those quilts. I have really enjoyed seeing what you come up with each week.
    Thanks so much

  67. Helen Bartosek says:

    So sorry to hear this. I have enjoyed seeing and reading your story for a long time. You make very nice quilts and give very good instructions on how to go about making them. I know there is a time for everything to begin and also to end, so I will wish you the best of everything in your future.

  68. Maggie Radliff says:

    Dear Rose, I am really going to miss seeing you every fortnight. I too, along with my friends have been doing the same this past year. We here are getting older and seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. We too need to finish all the quilts we have started, but somehow get doing new ones. So I thank you for the years of pleasure that you have given to me and I wish you well in your endeavor.
    Love to you from Washington State, USA. xxxxx

  69. Sherrie Brown says:

    I always enjoyed looking at all the quilts and wondered how Rose can get a quilt practically every week. I’ll certainly miss l looking at all the different quilts and how to look at them, or how to make them.

    • Thanks, Sherrie. Of course the answer is that I only had time to make the tops – now’s the time to layer and quilt them.

  70. tamara mcdougall says:

    thank you Rose for your inspiring tutorials, I have enjoyed them all ,wishing you all the best in any future ventures ,regards, tamara

  71. Hi Rose, So sorry we wont be getting your patterns, I have loved seeing them all and even making and finishing one (I have yet to do the cat quilt which I said I couldn’t wait to do!) I don’t know how you found the time to plan and make them up for us, but I do hope you enjoy finishing them and finding ones you had forgotten all about! With very best regards for future projects.

    • Hi Marjorie. That’s the lovely thing about all these UFO’s – I can keep finding what appear to be new ones because it’s so long since I made them!

  72. Kathy Leonard says:

    Thank you for all you have shared over the years – patterns, ideas, travels, etc. God Bless!

  73. I’m sorry to see you close down but I can understand your reasons perfectly.
    Thank you for all you’ve done.

  74. L.A. Paveling says:

    Thank you so much, Rose. Happy quilt-finishing 🙂

  75. Debra Friendly (Canada) says:

    Rose – I will miss my weekly British quilting connection. I have enjoyed for many years checking out your projects and your travel photos. I have made some of your quilts and saved many patterns for potential use. Thank you for your dedication to making simple patterns for beginners that don’t look simple. Take care.

    • Thanks, Debra. I’m glad you’ve found the patterns helpful and that you’ve been able to get ideas from them over the years.

  76. Lynne Cluchey says:

    Dearest Rose,
    Thank you for all of your devoted time. You will certainly be missed. I cannot even begin to imagine how much time you have spent to help others.
    You will be missed.
    It reminds me of a story that was told at a large quilt guild. The woman telling the story and showing her quilts spent years sewing her quilts to enter in quilt competitions seeking blue ribbons. Not exactly relaxing. She decided to stop entering competitive situations , and sew for her own pleasure. Once she made this decision, her “Joy” of quilting returned.
    Wishing you those same joys in your decision.
    Thank you once again for your devotion to others.

    • Hi Lynne. thanks for your very thoughtful reply. I really agree with those thoughts – quilting should always be a pleasure, not a chore. I think I’ll find it very satisfying actually finishing my quilts.

  77. Lynne Barker says:

    Hi Rose
    Sorry but also glad to hear your shutting up, I know you’ll make some lovely finished quilts. I wish you all the best whatever you do in the future, I have so enjoyed watching your videos and tutorials. Lots of love Lynne xx

  78. Dear Rose really sorry to hear you are closing down your website as I have really enjoyed your weekly quilting projects all these years – I can fully understand your house being full of UFO’s I’m the same & many others I know too but the time comes around when we need to do something about it- 😊 – good luck for the future & thank you for all the lovely patterns also hearing of your travels too. You will be missed- take care. Dianne 😘👏

  79. Rose, Thank you for all you have done for quilting. I will miss you, but more than understand having to finish all those quilts. Enjoy your retirement. Carole USA

  80. Irene Kane says:

    Oh No! I am so sorry you have decide to close your website, Rose. You have been a friend and inspiration for such a long time, and I’m glad I have saved so many of your wonderful patterns. Like you, I have lots of UFOs that I have promised to finish one day, but time seems to elude us somehow, doesn’t it? I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours, and thank you so much for your help and guidance in the past.
    Love and best wishes, Irene. Western Australia.

    • Many thanks, Irene. It’s so easy to get distracted by a new pattern or new fabric, isn’t it? I am going to try and be strict with myself.

  81. Mary Lange says:

    Thank You Rose…You have been inspiring me for a while and I really enjoy your crafty mind!lol
    Make sure you post those UFO’s as you finish them…Best of luck!

  82. I have loved your site for many years and made some of your quilts.
    I am self taught and your website has helped me so much, thankyou from the bottom of my stash drawer! The only thing I have never managed is to use a sewing machine so they are all hand sewn.
    I made my daughter a quilt (my first) when she went to boarding school at 11 she is now 28 and it is still going strong.

    • Hi Tracy. I admire you – I have never had the patience to do much hand sewing. It’s a wonderfully satisfying hobby, isn’t it – even if it does rather take over the house!

  83. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your videos. There were a few at the end that I missed (I usually binge watch), and I am sad about that. Thank you for your selfless work over the years. Enjoy finishing your quilts! Thank YOU!

  84. Dear Rose. Thank you for all your tutorials. Will miss you. All the very best. God bless you.

  85. J.P.Smits - van Gent says:

    Dear, Dear Rose,
    Thank you for all the instructions and patterns for making quilts.
    It’s a pitty that you cann’t goining on with this.
    But onetime in our we must change.
    With regards Ans Smits from the Netherlands

  86. Crystal Paige says:

    Thank you Rose for sharing your wonderful patterns with all of us. I also have many quilts that need finishing. Perhaps that will be my resolution for 2020

    • Thanks, Crystal. It’s actually very satisfying finishing a quilt – even if the next quilt is already beckoning!

  87. Thanks Rose, always look forward to your posts but understand your decision to close down this website. Good luck and thanks for all you have done to help me on my journey in the quilting world.

  88. Trish Tarbuck says:

    Aw Rose, I will miss you too but I totally understand your reasons.Hope you get the time to finish all your projects.Good luck for the future. Trish

  89. Hilary Packham says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful quilt patterns and information so freely given. It has been a pleasure to follow you for the past few years. I hope you now find yourself more time for travel and visiting your family, as well as completing the quilts. I wish you joy, good health and happiness in all you do going forwards. X

  90. Carol Tambourine says:

    That is sad in many ways. You have been such an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you foor everything. Please make a book about your hangings. I still haven’t managed to make your cat and dog ones and would love them in a pattern book. Wishing you every success in the future. Kind regards, Carol

    • Thanks, Carol. That’s a great idea. I’ll let you know when the books are published. We’ll have to fix something for the next Festival of Quilts.